Request Volunteers

Since 1987, YVC Youth Volunteers around the country have served more than 4 million hours. Not only are community needs met, but youth are transformed through volunteering. In a recent survey of all YVC Youth Volunteers after serving at least 30 hours with YVC:

  • 97% indicated volunteering helped them know more about their communities’ needs.
  • 82% indicated their YVC project forced them to think differently.
  • 93% indicated their YVC project helped them understand people who are different.
  • 93% indicated their YVC project taught them something they didn’t know.
  • 96% indicated they will continue to volunteer in the future.

Do you know an organization that could use the help of some dedicated youth volunteers? Would the organization like to help youth of Charleston gain a better understanding of their community? If you answered yes to either of these questions please contact us now or complete a project request form!