Mayor’s Youth Commission

The MYC gives young people a meaningful voice in developing solutions to youth issues and problems. Commission members meet with the Mayor to provide input, leadership, and ideas on effective solutions to the most pressing issues and problems facing young people.

History of the Commission

The MYC was created in 1999 following the tragic events at Columbine High School by Former Mayor Riley, to provide a mechanism for youth to have their voice heard.

 Mayor Tecklenburg has continued the tradition of engaging youth in an on-going dialogue and looks to the MYC members to help the City meet the needs of high school students in the Charleston community.

Annual Youth Summit

One of the opportunities for MYC members is the Annual Youth Summit! This involves the planning and execution of events for this workshop and guest speaker series. The program was created to bring students together to discuss important issues as a larger group while having workshops geared towards engaging with the issues these youth address throughout the year.

Past Youth Summit Events