Our Program

We’re Excited You’re Ready To Start Serving!

Our Mission
We engage youth in team-based service experiences that build life and work skills while inspiring a lifetime ethic of service.

Our Vision
Communities defined by compassion, selflessness, and respect for others.

Our policy
YVC of Charleston focuses on creating volunteer opportunities for youth ages 11 to 18. We recruit youth volunteers, create projects and ensure that each youth is having a positive volunteer experience. We also ensure that every project is a success by adhering to the YVC model so that every YVC youth has a positive experience.

Projects are structured, diverse, team-based, supervised by a trained adult Team Leader and incorporate service-learning to make sure that youth are engaged and excited about volunteering.

Here at YVC of Charleston we understand that youth are busy and that’s why we encourage youth to attend every event they are able to attend! It is not required that youth attend all events but we challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone, make new friends and volunteer at all events they find interesting!

Before youth can volunteer they must complete the Volunteer Profile and Parent Waiver at least three (3) days prior to their first event. 

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